The Voice to Parliament

For all who are interested in learning more, there will be an information session run by the Parish Social Justice Group after 9.30am Mass on Sunday 13 August where there will be a chance to discuss together the Uluru State-ment and The Voice to Parliament.

Last weekend we ‘started the conversation’ to get us to think, pray, and to raise awareness about The Voice to Parliament which as many parishioners have said, is a social justice issue. This week we continue with a short reflection prepared by a parishioner.

Celebrated Catholic author Fr Richard Rohr OFM reminds us in his recent daily meditations how Jesus’ social justice strategy is solidarity. Jesus consistently stands with the excluded, the oppressed and the poor, in union with them, contrary to custom. Mary does the same, by standing at the foot of the cross. Jesus and Mary stand with the pain, to call us all to lives of communion and solidarity with the world’s suffering, and in doing this, they offer a pathway to hope and enlightenment – and reflect God’s message of love for all life on this planet.

The Uluru Statement from the Heart is the call to hope. The Voice is the call to love.
To walk with our First Nations brothers and sisters in this journey of truth and hope is part of the call, and the challenge of saying ‘yes’ to the Uluru Statement from the Heart, and the Voice to Parliament.

To stand with our First Nations brothers and sisters and to embrace their cries, their pain, their desire for a just future and a means of recognition.

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