Social Justice Group

Why have a Social Justice Group at Holy Spirit Parish?
An active and effective social justice group is an essential part of parish life. It helps all of us to respond to the Gospel call of Jesus.

The human dignity of each person is central to Catholic teaching. The Church is part of a world-wide movement for intrinsic change. Our efforts do not stop at helping those who have been failed by our economic system. We fight for a new approach that stops this exclusion in the first place! We strive for an inclusive and sustainable economy for everyone. We draw strength and inspiration from the Gospel’s retelling of Jesus’ great commandment: “Love one another as I have loved you”.

Catholic Social Teaching asks us reflect, judge and act. We must ask questions of ourselves and others. Questions which arise wherever there is injustice, such as:

  • What basic human needs are not met where there is extreme poverty? What about the
    homeless in our midst?
  • Do the goods we purchase mean that a child somewhere is forced into child labour instead of
    going to school, or someone is held in slavery?
  • Who makes the decisions that affect the most vulnerable – locally, nationally and globally? Do
    the people most affected have a voice?
  • Do my actions show I care for the health of the planet so that what we enjoy today can be
    enjoyed by future generations?

There are many in our midst who experience injustice and inequality, often not of their own making: people left behind by our economy; Indigenous Australians, the aged, the mentally ill and refugees and asylum seekers.

Want to know more?
Together we commit to becoming more informed about injustice and how to fight it. If you would like to learn more about the Holy Spirit Parish Social Justice Group you are most welcome to come to our meetings.
Contact: Alison Weeks  or Fiona Wilkinson


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