PPC Special Meeting for Plenary Council 2020

The PPC held a special meeting recently to consider the implications for the Parish of the Plenary Council 2020 and the Joy of the Gospel Parish Renewal course. Council decided that the Parish should make a submission because the decisions of the Bishops in Council will influence the future of our religious practice. While there are any number of worthy topics to take up, the Council decided that a short, focused submission would be more effective. It identified the areas of Liturgy and Music (covering modernisation, approved options available and multicultural influences); effective governance and roles for women; and the clergy (recruitment, marriage and seminary training). Steve Seesink will take consultations forward within the Parish; please contact Steve via email

While the PPC considers that the Parish is still maturing rather than ready for renewal, it decided to review our strategic goals to ensure they properly reflected the Archdiocese’s three components of a thriving Parish: good community, good teaching and preaching and good music. Council will take further steps towards openness and transparency and will develop better relationships with Finance and Schools committees. It will foster and support regular ethnic community Masses and experiment with a broader range of music. It also decided to appoint a communications advisory group to advise on the most effective ways of reaching the broadest range of local Catholics. Finally, it acknowledged that the Youth and Young Adults Ministry required a fresh approach. Enquiries to Alison.

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