Parish Pastoral Council Update

Jossy Rappai, Theivani Evers, Fiona Wilkinson, Frances Dinn and Philippa Brotchie, members of the PPC have recently resigned from the council. I would like to thank them all for many years of hard work and commitment to the Parish not just with the Council but in all the many programs, activities and events.

Jossy, Theivani, Fiona, Frances and Philippa are all valuable members of our community and will continue to be involved in the Parish.

The recent resignations has left the Council with 11 members including Fr Eden and I. The Council is still consolidating a revised constitution and draft Parish plan and we anticipate this being finalised shortly.

More to come on this. I will call for nominations for new members in the second half of 2024. Please consider whether you would like to be part of the Council over the coming months and watch this space.

I look forward to seeing everyone over Easter and the period leading up to Pentecost on 19 May for our Parish celebration.

Fr Troy.

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