Parish Cash Handling During COVID-19 and Beyond

Whilst it is realised that it would be highly optimistic of us to think that we could ever achieve 100% cashless Mass Offerings, during 2020, we are around 47%, and with your help, the goal is to increase this to around 70% over the next twelve months.

Whilst this will not be easy, many of us have already commenced paying by alternate methods and if others could do the same we will achieve this goal.
Hopefully, this trend will continue over the years to come.

Why Are We Trying To Reduce Cash Received From Our 1st & 2nd Collections?

  • To give more Stability to our income receipts, our expenses are regular even in COVID conditions, so we need regular receipt of our income, even if the church is not open or has restricted access.
  • Improves the Health Safety of our contributors and volunteer collectors and counters.
  • Better Security and reduced Workload of our volunteer counters and bankers.
  • Ease of giving, no need to make sure you have the right money for the plate each week.
  • More Versatility of payment periods. No need to bring money each week, you can organise to pay regularly (eg. weekly, monthly etc), or spasmodically as and when you can afford to pay. Also more versatility in payment methods.
  • Less Disturbance and more Reverence during Mass.

How Can We Go About Reducing our Current Cash Collections From 53% to 30%?

  1. Make your 1st Collection and/or 2nd Collection by Internet Banking through your own bank.
  2. Make your 1st Collection and/or 2nd Collection by Parish Website via the “Donations” Tab.
  3. Tap & Go, 4 machines are used around the church. Machines can be ‘tapped’ multiple times if required. All are set at $10.
  4. Combination of any of the above (eg. Planned Giving/2nd Collection by Direct Debit and 1st Collection by Internet Banking.

If You Need To Continue To Pay Cash

Cash Collection Baskets will continue to be taken around at every Mass, or you can lodge in the collection boxes located around the church.


Anyone needing assistance, clarification and/or eBanking training, please contact Tony Rose at the Parish Office ()

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