It Cannot Happen Without You!

A heartfelt “Thank You” to everyone who helped in so many ways over Holy Week and the Easter ceremonies. It all kicked off on Holy Thursday morning with cars loaded with books, coloured cloths, lecterns, matches, ironing board….. to name a few things, all to be taken to St. John Paul II College. The real fun began at 4:00pm when we had access to the hall to turn it into a space fit for our Holy Thursday liturgy at 7:00pm the same evening. Thank you George Burke and team for getting the chairs organised to perfection. Thank you Fiona Wilkinson and Caitlin Berry for preparing the Altar of Repose and managing the floating candles, that the crows tried to steal!

To the Welcomers (John Mikita—did you go home at all?), PowerPoint operators, those who folded newsletters, Mass Coordinators, to Dennis Algie who did arts and crafts on our Paschal Candle and ensured the Easter fire pit, baptismal font and candle stand were prepared and positioned correctly, to Nita Corliss our Chief Sacristan and her helpers (Lynn, Maureen, Sr Kim and Sr Mary) for preparing our prayer space with liturgical colours and flowers, to the Music Ministry and your tireless commitment, to the Readers, Ministers of Communion, Altar Servers, the collectors and counters, the cleaners (Joe Jambor and Grace Magbutay), to those who prepared the Holy Water bottles, to Alex and Leo for looking after the Sound System, to all those who helped pack up on Sunday morning and came back again on Monday morning.

To all those who accepted a job when asked and who offered to help at short notice …(Peter Elford for buying extra Easter Eggs on Sunday morning!).

To the students of Good Shepherd school for the Palm Sunday re-enactment and teachers who made it happen (Brooke Jeffries and Bernadette Aitken).

To the Youth Ministers from our four schools, Bree, Ethan, Maddie and Holly who prepared students from each school under the guidance of Bernard Chandramohan to make our outdoor stations of the cross a powerful and prayerful event.

To St. John Paul II College for accommodating our parish events and for the generous support from school staff. A big thank you to Leon Sanft, Andrew Soesman, Grant Peelgrane and Sharon Robinson.

To our volunteer parish secretaries (Jim Corrigan, Jenny Grierson and Ashish Nair), you helped us keep things un-der control so that we could focus on our big events.

Thank you to everyone who attended, joined in and shared our Holy Week and Easter ceremonies.
Heartfelt thanks …..

Fr Troy and the Parish Team

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