Parish Floriade Garden and Community Garden

We’ve enjoyed bringing the Floriade garden to you again this year and despite the challenges with the heavy rains and naughty cockatoos, we were still able to enjoy beautiful flowers for a few weeks. Our very small team have been working hard to ensure the garden beds are kept well maintained and thriving.

The community garden is growing very well after our first planting in early October and more will be planted on 19 November when we have our open day from 11am to 1pm.

Come along, see what is being done, stay for a BBQ. All are welcome to join our gardening groups—you don’t have need any qualifications or expertise. If you have an hour to spare once a month, please put your name down to help with some odd jobs like light weeding, watering and general care. This is a great opportunity to meet new people, make some friends and get out of the house for little bit!

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“You should spend 20 minutes a day out in nature,
unless you’re too busy, then you should spend an hour.”

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