Parish Council News

The Council has invited ten of our young people from the parish to join the inaugural Youth Council – to give our youth a voice and a role in the Parish.

We have engaged architects to develop options for the renovation of the church and the Grotto to Our Lady will progress hand in hand with this work.

We have appointed Bernadette Mikita as our Events Manager and she is hard at work on our Trivia and Games Night and the Christmas Fete.

Members of the Council underwent training from the Archdiocese in the Safeguarding and Protection of our Children and believe that it is important that all volunteers do the same. Training for everyone is in hand!

Council approved the development of a Parish App to improve our communication and roster management and it will launch in September! We are undertaking a total review of the rosters/volunteers and ministries with a view to exploiting the benefits of the App and making life a lot simpler and easier for everyone.

Obviously we welcome input from all involved. Finally, the Council has decided to call for nominations from parishioners to fill the future positions on the PPC. For info and comment contact: Alison Weeks ()

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