National Reconciliation Week 2024 – 27 May to 3 June

The week commences with Reconciliation Day on Monday 27 May, which is a public holiday in Canberra. National Reconciliation Week is a time to celebrate our relationship with indigenous Australians and to share cultural exchange and understanding.

The theme for National Reconciliation Week this year is Now More Than Ever, which is a reminder to us that the fight for justice and the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples continues.

Key to this is the progress of the Closing the Gap program agreed to by all Australian governments. The recent report of the Productivity Commission tells us that only 5 of the 19 targets set by governments are on track. We await the final response of the federal government to the Productivity Commission’s report. But things need to improve.

If you want to celebrate Reconciliation Day on Monday there is a family friendly event in Commonwealth Park in Canberra which will be run from 10am to 3pm. This free event will feature Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander music, entertainment and workshops. Might be fun.

Reconciliation Day at Commonwealth Park – Reconciliation Australia
Parish Social Justice Group

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