A Message from Fr Mark

Holy Spirit Family
The Holy Week and Easter ceremonies were a unique experience for us all. When Jesus gave his last
instruction to his disciples, go to all ends of the earth giving the good news who could have imagined
that all churches around the world would be closed on Easter Sunday.
Yet like the efforts to seal the tomb, the good news could not be prevented from escaping. I thank you
the faith-filled who sat glued on your screens (who remembers watching man land and walk on the
moon for the first time?), it was later revealed that the Eucharist was carried by the Astronauts. Whilst
not receiving the Eucharist during the ‘TV Mass’ by the use of technology we still gather a sense of
family. It has been termed by the bishops ‘spiritual Eucharist’. I am sure God knows where our hearts lie
and is still gracing us with his love. Fr Mark.

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