It’s time for gnocchi again!

During these challenging times many things have occurred. Before any major outbreaks of the COVID-19 pandemic my grandma came from Poland to visit. It was a big deal for our family as she was here last time over 9 years ago.

The COVID-19 triggered events unfolded very quickly. Shortly after her arrival, international borders were closed. She was unable to leave Australia as flights to Warsaw via Dubai got suddenly cancelled. This meant my grandmother would have to stay for longer than expected. Then came the stop of face to face learning
at school, remote learning, working from home for my parents and the ban of the usual Sunday church services. These changes came in stages, but were introduced suddenly, and were challenging to grasp for many of us – a new way of studying, shopping, communicating with friends, and still there is this over hanging uncertainty about when will it all end, when will we go back to “normal”.

When I look back on the past two months or so I realise that it wasn’t all bad.

For the full story from Daniel, a member of the Holy Spirit Youth Council see the parish newsletter.

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