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Holy Week Church Set up and Pack Up

Can you give a little bit of your time to help?

13 April 2019 | Saturday
8:00am – Palm Sunday Set Up – Chairs, Banner, cleaning and church decorating.

16 April 2019 | Tuesday
10:00am – Reconciliation Service Set up
8:00pm – Reconciliation Service Pack up

18 April 2019 | Thursday
10:00am – Holy Thursday Mass Set Up— Chairs, stage, Altar of Repose, foot washing stage, cleaning and decorating.

20 April 2019 | Saturday
8:00am – Church Cleaning, Flowers, Votive Candles, Easter decorating, Banner, Baptism Font etc

22 April 2019 | Monday
9:00-10:00am – Pack up after Easter

Holy Week Church Set up and Pack Up