First Eucharist Mass

Arrival: Please arrive 15-20 minutes prior to your child’s First Eucharist Mass. You will need to see the teacher or Mass Coordinator to have your names marked off the attendance list, then find your allocated seats.

What to wear: We will provide a white stole for your child to wear at the Mass. The stole is a wide ribbon-like piece of fabric which sits over their shoulders (not a robe covering their clothes as in previous years). Children are to wear their Sunday best. White dresses for girls are not compulsory.

Seating and booking: Seating has been arranged for you based on the numbers and names you have provided us. Anyone wishing to attend the Church for Mass will need to be booked in, we will, unfortunately, turn away anyone who has not been booked in, to ensure we do not exceed our maximum numbers for ACT Government COVID-safe guidelines.

For more details please visit or
contact Sacramental Coordinator Louise Johnson:

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