Digging for Gold in the Sheet Music!

Holy Spirit Music Ministry Workshop – 10:00-12:00 Saturday 26 August 2017

Ever been in such a rush to learn to sing a week’s pieces that you don’t see the sheet music? Or if you play an instrument, you don’t have time to look more closely at the music? Whether or not you ‘know how to read music’, this workshop is for you.

The quality of written music varies a lot. Sometimes it’s just a sketch – words, a melody and a few guitar chords. A good piano player can expand this into a full accompaniment to the singing. That’s a rare and great skill. However, sometimes the written music is already a gold mine of ideas on how to improve the sound. Like the previous workshop, you’ll get to play and sing at this one. We’ll play a hymn a few times, adding extra ideas.

The workshop will introduce harmony singing to those who aren’t comfortable with it yet, and give us all some practice at it. If you currently play or sing in the Holy Spirit Music Ministry or you are considering getting involved, then please come along to the workshop. Bring your instruments along and come ready to sing.

The workshop will have sections:

  • Sheet Music – it’s not just notes

A few aims of the workshop:

  • to enjoy being a part of the Holy Spirit Music Ministry
  • to meet others in the Music Ministry
  • to be surprised at how much can be packed into written music
  • to learn and practice harmony singing
  • to hear how following some extra markings can improve the sound
  • to get new ideas for favourite hymns and others we play regularly

 For more info, email or phone Geoff (, 0451 438 264)

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