Vinnies Pantry Donations Required!

Thank you so much for always responding generously to our pantry call-outs. Our pantry supplies are running very low and the demand to help our needy families is very high at present. Our Vinnies team need your help to fill the pantry. Please donate generously.

Please keep in mind that large and bulk items may not necessarily help families who need to prepare a quick emergency meal. Our Vinnies team has put together a list to help us donate what will help the grocery recipients best. We would be very grateful if you could please try to stick to these sizes as much as possible as we want to make it easy for families who are already experiencing hardship and distress.

We also want to ensure that vulnerable families receive food that is nutritious and easy to access in a difficult situation. Therefore when purchasing pantry items please try to avoid the following:
• Junk food
• Items with packaging, which can be broken in transit
• Items that need can openers or special equipment (pop-top cans–whether for veggies, meat or fruit–are a plus)
Thank You!!

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