The Holy Spirit needs your help!

Well actually, Holy Spirit Parish needs your help.

Holy Spirit Parish has been relatively blessed throughout the past 30 years with participation in ministries. In general, each mass has sufficient numbers of rostered individuals and/or volunteers willing to help out on-the spot when asked, allowing at a minimum for the mass to run without crucial interruptions.

Following the pandemic, the overall numbers of parishioners attending mass has been lower, which in turn has affected the number of people participating in ministries. It is becoming common for the same people to perform ministries every week, for people to fill multiple ministries in the same mass, or for some ministries to not be filled at all.

The Parish ministries are varied and there are opportunities for young and old to become involved. Some include behind the scenes work, helping with mass, ensuring we have chairs to sit on and looking after the buildings and grounds for example. Volunteering to help with a ministry is also a great way to meet other Parishioners.

Through May, the Parish is seeking your interest in volunteering for any of the ministries. Frances Dinn will be speaking at each weekend mass this weekend to outline how you can get involved.

From next week, more detailed information will be available on the Parish web site about the various Ministries and how you can register interest.

Please have a think about how you could get involved. Next week check out

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