Thank You – John, Damiane & Transit Graphics Team

Thank you to John Mikita, Damiane Muller and the Transit Graphics team for the outstanding work.
As I said last Sunday, Holy Spirit Parish is so blessed to have so many talented people. In the age of IT we are blessed to have people who very generously shared their ability for many years which continues to benefit us all.
Most exciting at this time is the launching of the Holy Spirit ‘Pocket Parish’ App. As Parish Priest, I wish to congratulate and thank John Mikita for so generously giving so much time and effort to something the Parish believes will over time be a very positive investment. Such a professional product could not be made possible financially without John’s very generous offer. The patience, enthusiasm and continued positive vibes John has shown from day one not only show cases John expertise in this field, but also displays a great witness to one who has a dedicated love for his Parish.
Thank you John; the greatest compliment we can continue to give you can come in downloading ‘Pocket Parish App’ onto our phones as our simplest and closest way of keeping up with Parish news!
Fr Mark

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