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Your child has been welcomed into your family – now you have chosen to present them for baptism. Just as you nurture physical & emotional growth, in asking for baptism you are accepting responsibility for the growth and development of your child’s faith and understanding of God’s love.

When Is Baptism Celebrated?

Baptisms are celebrated after 9:30am Mass on the first three Sunday’s of the month with up to four families present.

For Parents

If you are new to the parish or have not previously attended a Baptism Information Session you will need to do this before your child’s baptism date. These are generally held monthly and are advertised on the parish website and bulletin. At this gathering, you will have an opportunity to meet other families and become familiar with the ceremony & symbols used.

We Welcome Your Child to the Community

As baptism is the first step in your child’s faith journey and initiation into the Christian Community, it is important that it is celebrated within the community.

To enable you, as the child’s parent or carer, to experience the support of the community and for the community to meet their new member, we ask you to bring your child to a Mass leading up to the Baptism, during which your child will be presented to the community in a simple ceremony.


Godparents are very special people in your life and that of your child. Choose them carefully because you will need encouragement and help as a Christian parent. In addition, your child will benefit from an enriching relationship with people who share your ideals.

  • godparents must be at least 16 years old.
  • one godparent is sufficient, but you may choose more.
  • at least one of the godparents must be a Baptised Catholic, who has received Communion and been Confirmed.
  • a non-Catholic Christian may act as a witness, along with a Catholic godparent.

About the Ceremony

On the day of your child’s baptism family and friends will be welcomed and gather in the church 5 to 10 minutes before the ceremony commences. If you have any questions you can ask these at the Baptism Information Session.

Photos and videos may be taken during the ceremony.

Baptismal candle

One will be supplied, however, you are most welcome to bring your own if you wish.

Baptismal Stole

The white stole is used in baptism as a symbol of being clothed in Christ. You may already have one of these however if you do not we will provide a white baptismal garment (similar to a white bib). Please return this after the ceremony.


It is customary to provide a donation to cover church costs for the ceremony. Around $75+ is normal, however wherever there is financial hardship this may be waivered.

How Do I Register For My Child’s Baptism

Register your interest online through the parish website or contact Magda in the parish office Tuesday– Friday.

It is recommended you register two to three months ahead of the anticipated date.

Parents are the first and most significant teachers in all things, including faith. Your example of commitment & involvement in the Church will always be the most influential for your child. Baptism is the public beginning.