Future Planning Update

Dear people of Holy Spirit Parish

You may be hearing some whispers about a few things relating to our church building, including renovations, improvement and a potential new building.

So, I wanted you to hear from me, that you can be assured that at this stage, they are just whispers. This is your parish and your community; and if anything major were to happen you WILL BE THE FIRST TO KNOW and FIRST TO BE INVITED TO HAVE YOUR SAY.

Just like anyone who comes to a new place, I too have come with ideas and thoughts about improvements and what could be good for our parish community. With that thought, I have been looking into the future; well into the future with an open mind.

Good Shepherd School, like a few other schools in Canberra is going through a Future Planning Audit, FPA. The FPA has identify that Good shepherd needs an Early Learning Centre (ELC) to ensure its long term sustainability.

I met with the Director of Education, Ross Fox, and the new principal of Good Shepherd, Trazel Scott, during his visit to the school. A key discussion was to look at the possibility of building an Early Learning Centre (ELC). Two major areas of concern were where the ELC could be built onsite and the other was the replacement of the demountable building into new permanent classrooms.

This meeting led me to discuss with the Archbishop about his future plans for the Gungahlin area. The Archbishop indicated that he was guided by the signs of what is happening within the Parish and the schools. So, based on this, I have been doing some fact finding exercises for myself. Looking at different ideas and options that could potentially arise, including investigating potential sites where a new Church could be built.

As you are aware Gungahlin is growing rapidly, so we have to be on the front foot with our future planning. It is also very likely that a new catholic school will need to be built in the area within the next eight to nine years. So, in conclusion, as Parish Priest of this large area, to get my thoughts together, just for my information, I am looking at future options – which are many!

Please be assured, I will keep you informed and invite you for comments if and when we need to progress any of this further. God Bless

Fr Troy PP

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