Donations & Payments

Donations & Payments

Supporting Your Parish

Thank you to all those who have continued to generously support our Parish financially through the Second Collection at Mass, fundraising activities and Church Building Donations.

Through your financial support, we have the benefit of a modern Parish Complex,  incorporating a church, a place where we can gather for meetings and group activities, and the Parish office.

We have all been blessed by God with many gifts and abilities, and in return we ask you to generously consider helping the parish carry on its mission. As we plan for the future of our Church and community we need your financial commitment through the Planned Giving program.  Your pledge, together with our faith in God, gives us the ability to set a budget for us to fulfil our financial needs, including  Parish running expenses, loans, and maintenance for our church and presbytery plus supporting the vulnerable in our community.

It also enables our community to better provide Pastoral Care Services, Holy Spirit community groups, Social Justice and Outreach support, Education and Faith Formation of staff and parishioners, Liturgical Resources and Parish Sacramental Programs.

Your ongoing commitment to the growth and development of our community is deeply appreciated along with the loyalty so many have for the church and our Parish.  
Fr Mark Croker.

First and Second Collections at Mass

Each weekend at Mass the collections take place in our parish, one immediately after the Prayer of the Faithful, the other after Communion.

The First Collection

Provides, in the first place, for the priests of the parish: their monthly stipend, household food expenses, household electricity and cleaning expenses. This collection also contributes to a central fund which provides for the health care of priests and for the care and upkeep of retired priests. 

The Second Collection

Provides the income for all the running expenses of the parish - staff employment, insurance, maintenance, maintaining and operating the Parish Office, liturgical supplies, utilities, and most importantly - parish ministries and services.


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