When did the Novena to Our Mother of Perpetual Help begin here in our Holy Spirit Parish, Gunghalin?
The first Novena was held in our parish on Wednesday, 1 October 2008.  Since then, it has been a regular devotion in our parish.
The Holy Rosary and Novena are held in our church Wednesday at 6 pm., the prayer takes about 45 minutes.

Who is the author of the icon of the Mother of Perpetual Help?
Legend has it that the icon was the work of an unknown artist from Crete in the 16th century

What is the meaning of the icon of Our Mother of Perpetual Help?
The icon depicts Child Jesus in Mary’s arms, frightened by the vision of two angels showing Him the instruments of the Passion. The Christ Child has run to His Mother, almost losing, in His haste, one of the tiny sandals. Mary holds Him in her arms reassuringly, lovingly. But notice her eyes. They look not at Jesus, but at us. Is this not a touch of genius? How better express Our Lady’s plea to us to avoid sin and love her Son?  Christ’s little Hands, too, are pressed into Mary’s as a reminder to us that, just as on earth He placed Himself entirely in her hands for protection, so now in Heaven He has given into her hands all graces, to distribute to those who ask Her.  This is the principal message of the picture.

So what is the meaning of this icon?
The meaning of the icon is this–In our own fears and needs, in our own struggles and heartbreaks, why not run to her as Jesus did and in her arms, in her bosom–we will find in her a Mother of perpetual help. And if we feel unworthy, maybe we could at least hold on to her as the string holds Jesus’ sandal to his foot. For she is the Mother of Mercy!

How are the Redemptorists associated with this devotion to Our Mother of Perpetual Help?
According to tradition, Pope Pius IX told the Redemptorist Superior General: “Make Her known throughout the world!”   The Redemptorists have since then taken it on as their mission to make known the icon of Our Mother of Perpetual Help to the world. The original icon is housed in the church of Saint Alphonsus in Rome, next to the international headquarters of the Redemptorists.

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