An Invitation to Join
the Holy Spirit Music Ministry

Holy Spirit Parish is blessed with several different musical groups of all age levels that minister each week at our various Masses. Perhaps you have thought about joining one of our groups but
unsure how….? Perhaps you have wanted to lead your own group but have been reluctant.

All parishioners who are looking for a way to offer their time and talent by singing or playing an
instrument and worshipping God through the gift of music are invited to come along to our relaxed and fun practice sessions on Thursday nights 7:00pm at the church. Our music ministry is a safe place for you to bring your heart and gifts to God and to tune in and deepen the worship
of your heart in a community of believers.

No time to commit every week? No problem! Even if you can only join in occasionally, we want to hear from you and get to know you!

Weekend Masses Practice: Thursdays 7:00pm at the church or one hour before each Mass with Music.

We know you are busy. However if something stirred deep down as you read this, please consider coming along to our meet and greet evening on Thursday 16 February at 7:00pm.

Contact: Theivani Evers:

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